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Sixtyfour is here!!!

A year ago when we launched Trunited, we searched and searched for the perfect products and brands to be a part of it. And while we were able to connect with some incredible companies and offer their products at the same prices that they were already sold at, it soon became our mission and desire to create something even better.

We wanted a brand that delivered quality products but cut costs dramatically, providing an opportunity for everyone to be a part of this business vehicle that we love. A brand that kept the single mother in mind, and the family that lives paycheck-to-paycheck, and the college kid that is just starting out. And this whole idea came from Nic’s childhood, the struggles his family faced and ultimately his mother, who balanced an extremely tight budget and 8 kids. Valerie Porter, Nic’s mom, was incredibly special and this is her story.

Valerie grew up in Prestatyn, Wales in a house numbered 64. She spent her entire childhood in this home and this number became such an important part of her family’s life. They would refer to her house as “64” and when she moved to Arizona and established a new home, Nic had an iron gate created with the number 64 on it for their front yard. This number came to be something extremely special to her, her kids and her grandkids. Unfortunately, Valerie passed away almost 4 years ago due to a tragic accident in Mexico.

Ironically, she was 64 years old when she passed away, it was 64 degrees outside on the day of her funeral and since she has passed this number continues to show up in special ways that the family all takes as reminders that she is here with us and saying hello. When Nic and I first visited Wales together, it was 64 degrees every day that we were there, it was 64 degrees on the day Nic proposed, and it was 64 degrees on the day of our wedding…June 4th – 6/4!

So when Nic came to me with the idea of creating the brand Sixtyfour in memory of his mom and the life that she lived, tears filled my eyes and my heart became overwhelmed with emotion. You see, I didn’t have the chance to meet Nic’s mom; I met him right after she passed away. But I am always hearing stories of her and I often struggle with this pain of wishing that I had gotten to meet her, to hug her, to thank her for raising the perfect man for me. I want to be able to contribute to the stories I hear about her.

The creation of this Sixtyfour brand gave me that connection for which I was longing. It gave me an opportunity to honor her, to learn more about her and to say the thank you I’ve always wanted to say.

Sixtyfour, the brand a mother of eight can afford, officially launched last night with incredible skincare products, a multivitamin and coffee pods. The response was overwhelming and I could not be more proud of all that has been done to make this happen, but most importantly for Nic’s heart and desire to create this and for providing me this opportunity. This is just the beginning of Sixtyfour and we have big plans for the future. We are excited to grow with this and continue to develop more products that support our mission – quality products at affordable prices. We are so excited to get a piece of Valerie Porter and her story into homes across the country and the Trunited Familia will donate 1% of all sales back to children’s education and library-related causes around the world, which was Valerie’s passion.

Thank you for the incredible support and outpouring of love last night in response to our launch, thank you to the amazing Porter family for trusting me with this project and most of all, thank you to Valerie Porter! We love you!

xoxo, Nicole

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  1. Hi Nicole, Thank You for your Heart Felt Blogs! What an awesome couple You and Dr. Nico are You totally compliment each other! His Thoughts and Ideas along with Your Emotional Input makes the Ideas spring to Life! Two People Who Love Each Other Can Accomplish Anything! Bob and Ann Sabo.

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      Thank you Bob and Ann! We really are better together and are amazed by the things that are possible when you have the love and support of your best friend/spouse. We are so lucky and blessed!

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