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Every Labor Day, patients from across Arizona and Colorado line up around the block of every Risas Dental office for an event called Labor of Love. And every Labor Day my heart swells with pride and my eyes tear with joy. For the Porter family, Labor Day is one of the best days of the year. It has marked a time to reflect on our successes and a time to give back to the communities that have made those successes possible. It’s a day of gratitude, a day of joy and a day when we are humbled.

Risas was launched on Labor Day of 2011. The prelaunch for Trunited was on Labor Day of 2016. Some of the biggest achievements in our family’s history happened on Labor Day. However, when I think of Labor Day, I don’t think of those successes first.


I think of Labor of Love!

Nic started Labor of Love as a way to give back to the community. Every office would open their doors on this special holiday from 8 am until noon, and every person who passed through the doors would be provided free dental care. As the years progressed and more offices opened, Labor of Love became a phenomenon. Today, thousands of people received teeth cleanings, exams, cavity fillings and more at twelve Risas offices in Arizona and five Risas offices in Colorado. Many of them lined up the night or even the day before the event.

We are so very proud and appreciative that the hard-working men and women of Risas continue to honor this proud tradition. Even though we aren’t involved in the day-to-day operations of Risas and this year’s Labor of Love, our connection to this day is still so vibrant because of how many people it serves. Literally millions of dollars of free dental work has been done thanks to this simple, loving idea Nic had a few years ago, and millions more will be given out as Risas continues to expand in Arizona and Colorado, with more states to come!

We can’t even begin to express our gratitude to the management team and staff at Risas for the heart they continue to show people. They inspire action and a spirit of giving on a day when most people stay home from laboring. That’s the irony that Nic saw when he created the event, and what made Labor Day the perfect holiday to celebrate giving.

The Labor of Love is an inspiration, and it’s a reminder of just how lucky we are to have a platform that serves others every day in Trunited. Nothing exemplifies the #GivetoGrow concept we believe in so deeply as the Labor of Love. We gave free dentistry to the community, and in return we received the kind of joy and perspective that only comes from making a difference for others.

Last week, as the Trunited Familia banded together to help our friends in Houston, I felt the same sense of pride and perspective. It is not lost on us that the purchase that put the Payout Pool for August over $100,000 was a donation to Harveyhelp@trunited.com. It has Nic pondering how to expand the Labor of Love concept every Labor Day to Trunited (so expect something big next year!)

Giving is the gift that keeps on giving, and it warms my heart to see our expanded second family of Trunited truly understand that and put it into action as well. Thank you to all of our friends in Risas and Trunited for all that you do and all that you are. We are truly blessed!

xoxo, Nicole


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