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With my son, Beckam, being 15 months old now, I have gone through my fair share of diaper trials. Before I became a mom, a diaper was a diaper and they were all the same. I couldn’t tell them apart just by picking them up and I definitely didn’t know what leaks and blowouts really meant. But oh how the last year has changed me!

I have tried nearly every brand of diapers out there in search of the best and after much trial and error, I have found it. Ive tried Pampers, Huggies, Parasol, Seventh Generation, and the Honest Company. And as skeptical as I was, due to the hype and celebrity association, The Honest Company really has won my heart. I mean who can resist their cute designs that change with every season?! This not only brings a little bit of fun and joy to the life of changing diapers, but they also look so adorable when you decide to let the little ones run around with just a diaper on 🙂 My current favorites are the red plaid and the camping designs!

But besides the look, the composition and durability are really the best! Not only are they made with plant derived and sustainable materials, but they are made without chlorine or any other additives. Its so nice to know that something that I am putting on my son all day long is safe and natural. And on top of that, their leak protection is incredible. I have never experienced leaks or blowouts with these diapers!! They also have overnight diapers that offer even more protection and keep Beckam sleeping through the nights. They completely changed our middle of the night wake up calls due to wet diapers and I could not be more thankful for that!

The monthly bundle shipments that arrive at my door without me having to even think about them are priceless in conjunction with the quality and design. And for what you get, 27 cents a diaper (the bundle price) is great since these diapers last longer and you aren’t having to change them every 5 minutes. With Pampers coming in around 27 cents a diaper, Parasol around 40 cents a diaper and Huggies around 21 cents a diaper, they are fairly priced and well worth a little extra for the convenience!

After several ruined outfits, sleepless nights, and changing several thousand diapers over the past year, I can honestly say that The Honest Company is the best!

Xoxo Nicole

Use the code BOGOBABY at The Honest Company until 9/28 to receive your second bundle for free!



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