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Every new diet and exercise plan has to begin on a Monday, right?! In my world, it is the only day of the week that I can force myself to start something new so with it being Monday, I am starting a new adventure. Beckam recently turned one year old on June 19th and I loved spending this last year growing and learning with him. But I’m sure like most moms out there, the demands of mommy hood have not left much time for me, my health or my fitness. With sleepless nights and a newborn baby, the last thing I had energy for was to think about what I was eating or what exercise I could squeeze in. While yes, running after him, picking him up, putting him down, putting things away, running errands, etc., can all be workouts in and of themselves, I’m finally ready to get into a routine and ditch the “mom bod”. So, I’ve decided to begin my new health and fitness journey with all of you in tow!

With that being said, I feel like every time I decide to start something like this, I always go to an extreme… Workout everyday, no sugar, no dairy, no carbs, no fruit, gluten free, only protein and vegetables.. Just typing that out makes me cringe! My plan usually works great for the first week and then I’m completely over it by the following Monday so this time I am trying something different. Setting realistic expectations and goals I can achieve while taking baby steps instead of giant, impossible leaps.

My goal for the next month is to cut out sweets, and I don’t mean fruit and everything that has even a tiny bit of sugar, but obvious things like cereals and desserts. Ice cream is mine and Nic’s weakness, and with our favorite ice cream place, Creamistry, right around the corner it is so hard to not just indulge every day (PS if you haven’t tried this, it really is the best!) . But for the next month, I am cutting this out, except for one cheat meal a week. I completely believe in cheat meals and it is what helps me stay focused during the week when I have something to look forward to. The second goal is just to start moving more. No crazy gym plans or weight training, just getting up and moving. With the weather starting to cool down a bit, morning walks with Beckam will probably be at the top of my list. I love the idea of using Beckam to help, whether it be using him as a weight or creating a fun game out of it for the both of us. It is a great way to use our mornings to spend time together but also get my workout in. Is anybody else a morning workout person?? I just can’t function in the afternoons/evenings and have to get them done in the mornings or they won’t happen.

I want to share my progress and setbacks with all of you, the good, the bad, the ugly, the embarrassing, because there seems to be such a stigma surrounding women and how they “should” look and how they “should” bounce back after having a baby. Its hard and I have struggled for a year so finding a way to feel healthy, strong and good is important. But recognizing the difficulties moms face to achieve this and providing ways to overcome those obstacles is imperative. Day one of my healthy fitness journey starts now!


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  1. Good for you First lady Nicole. Its so important for us all to stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit. Great picture of you and little Beckham. Looks like he’s holding on for dear life 🙂

    Thank you sooooo much for everything you and Dr. Nico do for the Trunited Nation and Best Second Familia. Very much appreciated

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