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Is anybody else as obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines as I am?! I mean their show Fixer Upper is to die for (they create the perfect cozy, inviting spaces to call home), Magnolia Farms is on top of my bucket list to visit, and as people you just can’t help but to love them (down to earth, funny and an awesome family). Side note.. My hairdresser used to live in Waco and was good friends with the Gaines’.. they really are that great in real life, what you see on TV is who they are!

I find myself constantly dreaming about the furniture and decor they use and taking notes to create my own modern farmhouse one day. P.S.  I love seeing Joanna’s style change over the years from farmhouse to modern farmhouse now (this is so my style!). Before I even knew this was a term, I was trying to describe the style of decor I like to Nic and I said “I like farmhouse but not so farmhouse, maybe with a little modern twist to it.”

And now with their release of their new line Hearth & Hand at Target, all my dreams have come true. Nic and I visited Target yesterday to check it all out and let me say it was incredible! A full product line of furniture, decor, dinnerware, wrapping paper, pajamas.. Basically anything you could want and all at affordable prices. I overheard one of the Target employees talking and she was saying that Target owns the line and Chip and Joanna design it. The reason for this is so that it can stay consistent with Target’s brand and be at low, affordable prices! And it really is!

As if Target wasn’t already great, this just adds a whole new love for this place. Check out some of my favorite pieces from the line.. It may be time for our house to get a makeover 🙂

Xoxo, Nicole

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  1. Hey Nicole,
    This is very cool. Love the mistletoe wreath!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just keep your walls open for more recording more musings!

    1. Post

      Im definitely keeping a lot of open wall space! Our one year old has started coloring and drawing on walls too – wonder where he learned that from 😉

  2. I love target. Once my local one opens I will be checking this out. Hopefully the store opens early next month- Irma affected them

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      Im sorry to hear that Mary, hope it opens soon!! It is really the best. Beckam and I go to Target a lot just to walk around and find new fun things! Such a great store!

  3. You are a woman after our hearts and our daughters, Kyli’s and Brittany’s, hearts!! We all love Chip and Joanna Gaines, their show, Joanna’s style, the way they repurpose reclaimed wood, and how they bring old homes to life again 🙂 Magnolia Farms is definitely on our bucket lists, too! You & Nic are as cute as Chip & Joanna!! Guess where we were yesterday? It looks like your Target had a larger selection of Hearth & Hand than ours did in Colorado Springs – lol! Lucky!! Birthday Blessings, Corinne & Greg

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      Oh my goodness, what a compliment! Thank you! We love Chip and Joanna – they are such a great couple and we admire how they juggle everything that they do while keeping the most important things (each other and their kids) close and making them a priority. Our Target had a lot but still not even close to all the stuff they have. But their catalog is great, if you can get a copy of one and order online I would highly recommend it!

  4. I know. I have shopped online at There are other stores in my area, but this one is 5 minutes from the house. I think the open date is December 10. I hope that’s true

  5. I like Targets, will definitely have check out the Hearth & Hand at Target’s the next time I’m there. My nail salon always has Chip and Joanna Gaines on the big screen . Great ideas for improving our living space.

  6. Chip and Joanna have great items for us . Such nice people too.
    I am wondering if they might be on our sight ,How cool would that be.
    However ,I am sure you have already asked them . I know they would love Trunited too.
    Independent business like ours are fantastic
    Thanks for the post

  7. Wallace and I love the Fixer Upper Show and often watch it together. I am a decorator, and find many wonderful ideas. We would like to go to Waco to visit, shop, stay in their Bed & Breakfast, and eat in their Ice Cream Parlor. So delighted that I can now shop Magnolia at Target!

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