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I can’t believe 2017 has come to an end. Looking back on the year, we seriously squeezed 2 years worth of stuff into one year and it was crazy! It was full of love, laughs, tears, learning new things, exploring the world, spending time with family, growing a business and getting married! Here are some of our favorite highlights from the year!

  1. Our 3 youngest kids got to travel to Europe for the first time – Since we were already headed to Europe for our wedding, we decided to take the kids to London, Paris and Wales the week before. Our oldest, Halle, visited Europe for the first time last year but for Maddi, Ashly and Beckam it was their first time and they were so excited! We hopped on the Big Red Bus in London, rode the London eye, visited the Catacombs and Louvre in Paris, and did an eclairs cooking class!
  2. We got married – We planned a destination wedding in 45 days in England. We found the castle of our dreams that all of our family and friends were able to stay in together and enjoy cooking, fishing and shooting. It was an absolute dream come true! Read more about it here.
  3. We went on an incredible honeymoon – Still to this day, this trip is our absolute favorite. Italy is incredible and will always be on the top of our list. Lake Como and the Amalfi Coast are the two places we visited and they both left us speechless. It is now our goal to some day take all of our family and friends with us to visit again! You can read all about our trip here.
  4. Beckam turned one year old – Our sweet baby boy turned one year old and I can’t believe how fast the first year flew by. We celebrated in California and soaked up all of his giggles and smiles!
  5. Nic bought a new car – Nic spends most of his time spoiling, surprising and doing everything for everyone else and very rarely rewards himself. He isn’t one to buy new things very often so seeing him purchase one of his lifelong dreams, a Rolls Rhoyce Ghost, was amazing! It was such a great reminder that hard work enables you to achieve your dreams!
  6. We spent time with family and loved ones – One of our favorite things is spending time with family and we got to do a lot this year. From soaking up the memories in England to spending Spring Break at the Arizona Grand Resort, and getting to celebrate Easter and Thanksgiving, we were so lucky to be together!
  7. Beckam celebrated his first real Halloween – Last year, he was only 4 months old and with the demands of motherhood and work, I actually completely forgot it was Halloween. So we made up for it this year and all dressed up, walked our neighborhood and got him addicted to candy :)
  8. We went to our first Red Sox game and our first Yankees game – Both of these were unforgettable experiences! Nic surprised me with incredible tickets for both games including Legend Suites tickets for the Yankees game. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience!
  9. We celebrated Trunited’s first birthday – One year ago we officially launched this new company and I could not be more proud of my husband for all of his hard work and dedication. Thank you to everyone who has worked with us, supported us and been a part of this endeavor! 

It was a busy year full of incredible memories and we are so thankful for all that we were able to do. We are excited for what 2018 will bring! Happy New Year!

Xoxo, Nicole

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  1. Look out 2018! We are going to rock this year! You guys are the best! Looking forward to what’s in store for all of us this year. Maybe nothing can top having a dream wedding, fantasy honeymoon, having a baby and starting a new company. However, we’ll help you try! TruFam. Love you.

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